Raindrops Keep Falling On My Sled

My children are decrying global warming. They blame it on the fact that we haven't had any accumulation of the white stuff. Just this week the temperature hovered right above freezing at a balmy 34ºF. Warm enough that the precipitation is all rain but cold enough to make venturing outside miserable.

But my kids are starting to acclimate to the miserable weather. The other day my middle daughter headed out for the school bus wearing open-toed shoes and only a sweatshirt as her jacket over a short-sleeved top. If she gets pneumonia and it ends up snowing, she'll be stuck inside while everyone else is out enjoying a snow day.


  1. This has been the worst winter in Chicago since the 1970s. I keep buying more and warmer clothing, sadly none of it is very fashion forward. Oh well only 5 more months until it reaches the 50s!

  2. We had so much bad weather hear lately that my husband was home for 13 business days over Christmas. Right now it is 51 and raining here in Oregon. I need warmth and sunshine!

  3. All it does here is rain. We haven't had any snow in so long. Makes me as mad as my kids!

  4. Oh, I was so happy to hit 34 today after below zero all weekend and half of the week!!
    Kids are silly that way! Mine are the same way!

    OH, and yes deary- that is my own original artwork I post! Wouldn't dare post any one elses!!

  5. Sounds like my youngest! No socks, open shoes, and a sweatshirt only!