Stitch 'n' Bitch

Have you noticed that when women get together to knit that we tend to gossip too? Oh, yeah, we do. I guess they're going to revoke my girl card since I'm letting secrets out.


  1. Can you please get rid of that thing over there that tells me that I've arrived here. Hello? I clicked on your link, I know I'm here! Geesh.

    I bitch whether I'm stitchin' or knot. HARfreakinHAR! Get it? Knot?

    Ok, I'm going now. Really!

  2. I don't know about that knittin' thang but I do know we gossip when we gather in numbers of two or more. Ha!! Instead of gossiping, though, I prefer to call it "informal networking."

    knit one, purl two...

  3. It's not gossiping- it's "information distribution" :-P
    Same thing happens in our knitting group, but since I'm the new-ish, non-teacher, who only comes by every month or so, I never know who the heck they're talking about :-)

  4. Psst! Uh, the secret was already out. No kidding. Well, it's possible some monks in Xanadu may not know women gossip when they're together, but basically MANkind IS aware of your revelation. (haha)