Mama Don't Take My Kodachrome Away

It's funny how teenagers bitch and moan about things that their parents sign them up for thinking that the kids will enjoy. There's an art gallery in town which periodically holds teen workshops. Last quarter, the workshop was on working with clay. As part of the workshop, the teens were to view some sculptures, discuss the process, then try their hand at sculpting their own masterpiece. My girls had to miss that one for a family emergency.

Yesterday's teen workshop was on photography. They viewed the latest exhibit of Ansel Adams, Robert Adams, and Alfred Stieglitz. Then they experimented with photography using Polaroid film and a technique of lifting the image off the backing and transferring it to another medium.

Before the workshop, my teens were complaining. "I don't want to." "It's too early in the morning." "It won't be any fun."

After the workshop, they were slow in leaving the building, telling all their new-found friends that they'd keep up with each other online. Both of the teens were all smiles and excitedly talking about the workshop and the fun they had.

Vindicated, yet again!


  1. Vindicated (if you ever get that far with a teenager) is such a good place to be! Congratulations!

  2. Pfft. You were just lucky this time...

  3. You're a nice mom. I wish I could have done some of those activities while I was growing up. I must admit though that I certainly would have complained bitterly when I was a teenager but no doubt I would be grateful as an adult.

  4. hehe It takes til they're about 25 to admit you knew what you were talking about!

  5. Yay. Good for them. And you!!!