The Gunn Also Rises

At the December meeting of my DAR chapter, we instituted a new tradition by having a three-piece jazz/swing/Big Band-style group preform. They played several songs that I knew and some I didn't know. One of the showcase pieces was introduced just by saying that it was from a '50s television detective show. The detective impressed the leader of the group because he was always very dapper and somehow managed to always come out of every scrape or chase or fight with nary a hair out of place.

Hmm. What could it be? I couldn't figure it out. I recognized the music with the opening beats. But even after the number when the leader confirmed what most of the other ladies already knew, I was left wondering, Who is Peter Gunn?


  1. It's funny, I just saw an episode of that show on one my local UHF channels last night. Synchronicity I guess. Very wooden 1950s characters and situations along with the obligatory friend of the star in the police department.

    What instrument do you play?

  2. Okay now that will be in my head all day!!!

  3. Recognize the tune, but completely missed ever seeing the show- guess I am just too young ;-)