In Loo of Reading

For a while, I was taking a book to the gym to read while I was on the aerobic-type machines exercising away. I finished a 600-plus page piece of 19th Century Russian literature partly while on the treadmill. But after seeing an article that said reading while exercising lessens your exercise session's intensity, I tossed the book for the iPod.

For a while, my reading was limited to waiting time. You know, waiting on line at the DMV, waiting at the doctor's office, waiting for your kid to lumber out of school to the car for carpooling to the after-school activities. Now, my waiting time is filled with knitting rather than reading.

I need to get back to my book. It's a good book. I'm keeping in the theme of 19th Century Russian lit but opting for a shorter tome this go-'round. I hate to do it, but I just might have to move my book to the ladies' room.


  1. Tolstoy is the thing. Anna Karenina is a magical book.

  2. I read at the gym. And it makes the torture pass much more quickly.
    I also have a Mp3 too.

  3. Hey.... I've been learning to knit this week! I have one sad looking scarf about halfway done! It's not going to win any prizes but I'm getting the hang of it. And... LOVING it! :o)