Do You Freecycle?

Freecycle is a great way of recycling items. If you haven’t heard for Freecycle, check it out here.

It’s amazing some of the things you can get through Freecycle. Over the years, we’ve gotten almost-new Lucky Brand jeans, a slightly used desk chair, a bicycle, snow skis, a cat carrier, bricks, piano music books, and an assortment of other items. Our last haul was a box of women’s clothing and shoes.

As my teenage daughters and I were going through the box and trying on clothes, I was in charge of digging into the bottom of the box. Good thing it was me. Lo and behold, at the very bottom of the box lay a woman’s “little friend”. Your good old basic vibrator.

It’s amazing what you can stumble across when you Freecycle.


  1. giggles-
    UH- that is one thing that should NOT be recycled!
    Maybe I'm a bit on the stingy side!!

  2. hehe Never know what you'll find! I love Freecycle! We have a pretty small group, naturally, but it's been good. It's a great service.
    Hope you're doing better, and ready to start the new year!

  3. Oops! I hope she's not desperately seeking her "friend" :-D