And So It Begins

My eldest daughter Finola is a first year (sounds so Harry Potter-ish) at a private Ivy League school in Massachusetts.  Mr. Gaelic claims it's a cult.  During the orientation week, the school kept the kids so busy that she didn't have time to call home. 

Meetings with her academic advisor.  A walk-about to meet all the professors and find out about the classes they teach.  A tea with the college president.  A discussion of the summer reading selection with the author herself.  A dine-around to sample the food at all the different dining halls.  A concert just for the students.  A barbecue for the kids.  Sessions on different aspects of college life.  Even a class picture of the entire first year class, Class of 2014.

As with many kids when they leave home, she forgot some things.  Her favorite poster of her favorite Shakespearean play.  Her face cleanser.  Some earrings. 

After buying a long 6" by 6" mailing box, the few things that she forgot looked quite lonely all by themselves.  Let's just add some of her favorite snack foods - four jars of different type olives, two bags of pistachios.  Maybe next time there will be home-baked cookies in her care package.

There are sure to be many more care packages through the years.  This is only the first.

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  1. Hey, Finola here.

    Everyone keeps remarking about how this place is Harry Potter-esque. The fact that the dean of the first years is named Tom Riddell doesn't help much.

    And thanks in advance for the olives and pistachios! I may run out of them within a week, but at least I'll enjoy myself. :)