My Current Crush

Men always say that when they quit looking at pretty women is when they die. Well, boys, women look too. And just like y’all, we develop crushes.

There’s the voice crush. You know the one, the guy with the voice that feels like lying back on a feather comforter. Then there’s the ability crush. A man who’s so good at what he does that he becomes irreplaceable at his office. There’s the face crush. The guy with chiseled features, a strong jaw. The body crush. The one whose bare chest can make you swoon. But not a butterface. It’s gotta be the whole package of face and bod. It’s just that some men have more of one than the other.

The ultimate crush is when enough of the individual crushes come together to create the perfect crush. My current perfect crush is a good seven years older than I am. He’s a friend on my Facebook account. The texture of his voice isn’t off my charts but his Southern drawl makes up for it. He’s very experienced and very well-regarded in his profession. His smile could put anyone at ease and his cheeks look ripe for the pinching. As for his body, no clue. I’ve only seen him in a suit or in shirt sleeves rolled up to deal with the summer heat. But he’s a sharp dressed man.

Whenever a reply from him to one of my emails arrives in my inbox, I’ll stop whatever I’m doing to read it. And he always answers my emails within 15 minutes of my hitting send. Oh, a man who writes back. Promptly. Impeccable manners! His mama must've taught him good. Or his wife. But my money’s on his mama.

Now, girl crushes . . . that’s another blog entirely. But yeah, we get girl crushes too, just like y’all.


  1. I get anti crushes sometimes. I wonder what they would be called: hates?

  2. very well expressed emotions in a blend of good sense of humor !

  3. very enlightening... I find myself smack in the middle of the "I hope this doesn't end too soon crush"... because it feels too damn good.

  4. I'm having a fantasticly hot and fulfilling relationship with a man 20 years my junior...in my own mind! He's amazing but totally inappropriate for me. Bummer. Not that I ain't tryin'! hahahahahha...