A Little Bit of Pixie Bust

Credit card balances that automatically download to your Quicken program are both a boon and a bust. Boon because it saves so much time in keeping track of your monthly expenses. Bust because sometimes Mr. Gaelic catches me spending more money than he thinks is necessary.

Take, for example, when Deirdre and I went to the hair salon recently. The salon owner has done hair for photo shoots in New York. There’s a fierce competition among area stylists to have a chair at the salon. And the services are expensive.

So it’s not quite like a $400 haircut on Air Force One. But the pampering you get at the salon makes you think you’re the head of the free world.

What really gets me is when Mr. G is downloading the monthly reports on our Disney points credit card while sitting in another room and all of a sudden there’s a “J*sus Chr*st” exclaimed loud enough to carry throughout the whole downstairs. Busted!


  1. I have never used Quicken or done any on-line banking or financial things. I have been the lone hold out in the world.

  2. I guess Dad is banishing the young ones to Supercuts?

  3. Need to learn to pay cash!!LOL Then he won't catch you.. hehe Just tell him it's worth it when you look as good as you do!!

  4. luckily my hubby doesn't handle the $$