We Wish You a Meaningful Christmas

Today’s blog is in video format. And a reminder. There are 102 days until Christmas. Remember, Christmas is a fixed holiday. It doesn’t move around the calendar like Easter.

Here’s one of the things I wanted to share. And here’s the other.

How does one offer best wishes for Advent? My solution? Have a Meaningful Advent!


  1. I am about to visit the videos. I should have before I commented. :-) I posted an answer to the vitamin query's in her blog. The Admiral's blog. :-)

    Loach oughtta be back tomorrow. Can't wait to see what he says.

  2. Merry Christmas! Every year thoughtful people send me advent calenders. Because I am an existentialist I do not really understand there purpose, but I do enjoy Christmas revelry and a lot of the old music connected with the festival.

  3. @Admiral - Thanks for the info.

    @Laoch - Might I suggest Kierkegaard? I believe that one can be both a Christian and an exitentialist.