Menu Plan: September 20 - September 26

Oops!  Sometimes my best laid plans go awry.  Take last week for instance.  All those yummy meals that were planned, not all of them came to fruition.  Why?  Scheduling difficulty.  I forgot to plan for the Back-to-School night and the late ballet class for Maeve and the nights that Mr. Gaelic either worked late or had client dinners. 

So this week's menu selection will be repeating some of those suppers that didn't get made last week.  The ingredients are all on hand and need to be used up before they go bad.
  • Monday
    • Breakfast:  choice of cereal
    • Supper:  borscht, homemade hearty bread (from last week's menu)
  • Tuesday
    • Breakfast:  cinnamon toast, fruit salad
    • Supper:  pinto beans, risotto, orange beets (the garden overproduced beets)
  • Wednesday
    • Breakfast:  cream of wheat
    • Supper:  stewed tomatoes, creamed spinach, corn pudding
  • Thursday
    • Breakfast:  homemade cinnamon-raisin bread
    • Supper:  potluck (see what's left in fridge)
  • Friday
    • Breakfast:  English muffins, fig preserves (just put up last Saturday)
    • Supper:  salmon patties, French fries
  • Saturday
    • Breakfast:  omelet, bacon, toast
    • Supper:  Welsh rabbit, baked kale
  • Sunday
    • Breakfast:  buttermilk biscuits, sausage gravy
    • Dinner:  roast chicken, sweet potatoes, green beans
Maybe this week will be calmer than last week in terms of evening commitments.  One can always hope.


  1. I would like to be there Friday. My birthday is Saturday and you have several things I adore on Friday. So..see you then,. What things? Fog preserves and salmon patties. Make mine browned some..OK?

  2. I should put fresh flowers in the guest room for you since you'll stay the weekend, right???

  3. thinking about wot to cook or eat sounds very disturbingly depressive to me .. i rather go become an astronaut one of these days.. will ya join me in there?