If the Tennis Shoe Fits . . .

My exercise clothes were laid out the night before.  My before-bed routine was complete.  The blanket was tucked under my neck and sleep was delicious.

Too delicious, apparently.  Morning came much too soon.  Deirdre was way too alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic.  Today begins Spirit Week at the high school culminating with Homecoming this weekend.  She rifled through my closet looking for my house shoes to wear to school.  It's Pajama Day, after all.  She had the look down pat, complete with a pink eye mask stretched across her forehead.

The early morning search through my closet made a mess of my shoes.  Usually they're neatly placed with their mates.  In a rush to make it to the (easy) Pilates class, my hands reached into the dark closet and retrieved a pair of sneakers.  It wasn't until the class was on the floor removing our shoes that I even noticed the sneakers weren't from the same pair.  A blue shoe on one foot and a green shoe on the other. 

I feel like Little Miss Matched.  When is Crazy Dressed Day?


  1. Love it. Glad my phone was on mute so the conference callers didn't hear me laugh out loud.