La Vie en Français

Judging from a number of my friends on Facebook, most people use FB for diversions like Farmville, Sorority Life, etc.  I figured out how to block those updates, and even block the game applications entirely.  As if FB wasn't a big enough time sink. 

However, that said, my FB updates tend to be mostly from news organizations (especially since the advent of my blocking game applications).  I use the word "news" very loosely.  That includes Martha Stewart Living, Backpacker Magazine, AMC Theatres, political blogs, and actual news sites such as the New York Times, the L.A. Times, the Guardian (UK), the Independent (another UK), and France 24. 

France 24 (in the French pronunciation) gives much more international news than the other sites.  However, it's all in French.  That's a great way to keep my French from rusting to oblivion.  Take this morning's update, « Vous êtes désormais plus de 50 000 personnes à aimer cette page ! Bravo à tous et merci encore pour votre soutien et votre fidélité. »

Either I'm really tired, really lazy, or really into my French today.  Because I read it, understood it, but couldn't translate it into English.  C'est dommage.


  1. Long ago went I was in school in France I was notorious for being able to read and understand French remarkably well but not actually to be able to speak French at all. It made it, not surprisingly, difficult to woo the local women.

  2. Funny but I could understand most of it as well.

    Je t'aime.

  3. I detest the games and time wasters on FB. I try to block as many as I can..including applications. I have no desire whatever to use those applications or play the games OR read about others' game moves. Ugh.