One Flew East, One Flew West, One Flew Off to College

One down, two to go.  Finola, the eldest, is safely moved into her college housing.  Can you believe it?  No tears!  It was time to let go.  But there's a pang of uncertainty in not wanting to text her too much but still wanting to know how her day was.  So far, three days into it, and I've only texted her twice.

But Dierdre, the second daughter, is fast on Finola's heels.  On the way home from Massachusetts, there are two college visits in Connecticut for her.  One was today, the next tomorrow.  Mr. Gaelic is ready to send her off to a convent.  During today's walking tour, she was remarking about all the cute guys.  Oh, dear.

Maeve has been such a trooper.  But she's still such a kid.  And so adorable when she falls asleep in the back seat on the drive between colleges.  How can I make the next six years slow down rather than speed by?

One realization occurred to me today.  In six years, we could have three graduations in the same year - Finola graduating from graduate school, Dierdre graduating from college, and Maeve graduating from high school.  It feels good knowing that my daughters are growing into mature women.  But it also feels like it's happening too quickly.  My babies are leaving the nest.


  1. I can't believe Finola and Dierdre are to that age! At least you have the baby for a few more years.. I would have expected at least a text per day! She probably wants them, too! Good luck keeping it all together when Maeve goes off...

  2. I think I called my mother every two weeks or so after I went away to College. She definitely felt like it was not enough.

  3. Time goes by so fast, enjoy every moment of it!