256 Shades of Me

Contradictions in my life are a norm.  Usually because society today tends to only see things in black and white, although there are many shades of grey.  Take, for example, some of my liberal opinions.
  1. I believe there should be no Ten Commandments on courthouse squares or behind judges' benches and there should be no Bible to swear on before a jury.
  2. The Church should not be authorized by the State to perform legally binding marriage rites.
  3. Stores should not decorate for Christmas.
I'm a radical, aren't I?

But once people learn my conservative beliefs behind my leftist opinions, they get a clearer picture.
  1. I am a Christian.  At some point there may be a Hindu or Muslim or Wiccan judge who wants to post some of their religious writings behind the bench.  I don't want to see that in a courtroom or on the courthouse square.  I don't want to have to swear on some Wiccan book before a jury.  To prevent that from happening, no one should be allowed to have anything.
  2. Too many churches are already performing same-sex ceremonies.  In wanting to welcome all of God's children, these churches are ignoring the Biblical purpose of marriage.  There should be two marriage ceremonies, the legal one performed by the State and the religious one performed by the Church.  Those who want only the legally binding contract of a marriage certificate would see a probate judge or his representative.  Those who want to live in the Biblically-sanctioned institution of marriage would also have a marriage rite in the Church.
  3. Christmas is religious holy day, not a time to make money for stores.  As a Christian, I don't celebrate Hanukkah or Passover (although I have been invited to Seders and Shabbat dinners).  Seeing non-Christians, or worse former Christians who now claim to be atheists, decorating a tree and going carolling doesn't celebrate Jesus's birth.  Why not only sell Christmas trees at churches on Sundays (or Saturday evenings if there's a service then) to parishioners?  You want to celebrate Christmas?  Go to church!
Do I still sound like a leftist? 

I don't believe we can legislate or force our religious views and morality onto others.  We tried that once.  It didn't work.  (See the 18th and 21st Amendments to the Constitution.)  As much as we may dislike being a melting pot of religions and races and beliefs, having a majority Christian population (for now) should not give us license to inflict our beliefs on minority populations (who might become majority populations in the future and want to inflict their beliefs on us).

According to a paraphrase of Winston Churchill, I am Russia.  I am a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.  However, with that quote, now everyone will be seeing red and calling me a Pinko Socialist Commie rather than seeing all of my shades of grey.


  1. I think the world works best when we set up systems that allow people as much autonomy as possible while trying to prevent them from hurting each other. In the long run systems which try and impose viewpoints generally fail.

  2. I can see your point and besides, I think everyone is entitled to their beliefs, thoughts, and ideas. Nothing is in stone anyway, true? Since all the "God" was taken out of schools and courts, I have wondered why there is even a swearing in. What's the point of that? And even besides that, since so much of the world has gone to hell in a handbag, swearing in doesn't matter a hoot anyway. People that lie will continue to lie and never blink. Same with marriages. To the less than honest person, the vows mean nothing. They already figure they can get out if they want to and at the slightest provocation. I've always thought that it should be extremely hard to get married (classes upon classes for years) and then very easy to divorce if it is necessary (since divorce is one of the most all time stressful and sad and frightening things to endure). As for the Christmas tree sales at church? What a great idea! Not only would money be going to your church of choice but it would be for the right reason (as in reason for the season). As for religious views and morality views being put upon others, well, whether we did or didn't wouldn't change the fact that most all wars have begun over religious/moral reasons, opinion against opinion. People never learn, do they. Very interesting post, Gaelic, and whether I agreed or not makes not a hill of beans. I like you just the same :) XOXOXO

  3. Always an adventure to come and learn my friend's views. :-)