Of This I Am Certain


Now that we've got the kids out of the way, let's talk about Santa Claus.

Do you remember when you were a child at Christmas?  You couldn't wait for Christmas.  Do you remember staying up to see Santa but always falling asleep?  He never came when you were awake.  Even when you weren't sure whether Santa was real or not, you still made a list for him.

During yesterday's sermon, the priest made a comment that I had never heard before.  "The opposite of faith isn't doubt; it's certainty."

He wasn't talking about Santa Claus, of course.


  1. What an interesting concept! I have never thought of it that way before either. Now I'm wondering if I have any faith at all. This is going to roll around in my head all day.
    (As for Santa, what? No Santa?)

  2. The opposite of faith isn't certainty, it's reason.

  3. Certainty, can be the root of evil for sure. But trying to prove one is certain when one doubts is the worst of all and usually causes considerable carnage.

    I was weird about Santa when I was young - i was scared to death I would encounter him or someone dressed like him. I had this nasty little voice inside that said I was being made a fool of. I know I believed 100% at some time, but I can't remember that feeling. On the other hand, Xmas was always thrilling - my Mom was unbelievable at making a huge event with about $5 to spend. She shopped all year for the day, I know and we never felt poor at Christmas.

  4. @Jenny, Maybe you should have clicked the link insteand.

    @Laoch, I'm trying to decide who you sound like -- Marcus Aurelius? Kafka? But what he was going after were the religious zealots (of all stripes, even Christians) who are so certain that what they are doing is what God himself would do. He was also saying that in the Epsicopal church we don't check our brains at the front door.

  5. I liked it.

    The Imagine picture was taken in Central Park while visiting NYC a few years ago.

  6. Have to tell you, one of my friends has that virtual fireplace dvd and she plays it on her tv. The neat thing is watching the logs burn down until they go out, lol. 60 min and you're done :D

  7. I sorta keep my brain on "function" too when I go to church. :-)

    I remember believing in Santa. It was so enjoyable as in being a child can make it enjoyable. The thrills..the anticipation..oh, what a joy.

  8. If only I could be as perspicacious as Marcus Aurelius was. There is no doubt that if I was a Roman I would have been a Stoic.

    I often think that the things that people do not know are as important as the things they do know.