One Good Turn

Have you ever worked and worked at something? Trying to get it right. Whether it’s a lay-up on the basketball court and putting some English on your backhand. You practice it over and over trying to condition the muscle memory.

For several months, my routine at the gym has been: 20-30 minutes of interval training on the treadmill, 10 minutes on the rowing machine, 3 sets of free weights (alternating upper body, lower body, and abs), then 15 minutes practicing my ballet turns before ending with a long stretching session. For just as many months, my excuse for not completing the turns crisply was either being too tired or being too rushed or having a stuffy nose and ears (inner ear disturbances through off your balance). They are just excuses. Because I wasn’t finishing the turns with technical accuracy. But then yesterday . . .

Nailed it! [Happy dance] Wow! You should have been there. It was an awesome feat. I was able to stick my tour jeté. That was the Best. Feeling. Ever.

I may never again be able to nail it like that. And I may not do much walking today. Too many celebratory pirouettes across the basketball court.


  1. You'll do it again :D and yes, it is the best feeling ever. Funny you should name the tour jete because that was my all time favorite ballet move. I was in ballet for many many years and danced in many shows. The plan was to do that for a living, a profession. Unfortunately, the very day I was accepted to the NY Ballet, I broke my left leg in 3 places and it never healed correctly. Tried, but couldn't stay on my toes anymore and my ankle would just give way. Not meant to be, I guess, and I was really too short anyway, but still...

  2. Small steps lead to big gains! Nicely done.

  3. Well! it just goes to show, never judge a book by it's cover, the avatar of you knitting with a cardi on gives [me anyhow] the impression of a typical ordinary housewife , and here we have this beautiful creature, toned and honed and a slender ballet bender, Wow, I am impressed, keep it up.
    And Jenny that was just so sad, to have your dreams taken away from you like that, what a bitter blow. Butn you appear happy and upbeat now