What Did You Say?

If you're going to be sick, it's better to be sick the week before Christmas than during Christmas.  That's what I'm telling myself.

Deirdre brought home a cold.  She gave it to Maeve.  Maeve gave it to me.  I told Deirdre I want to give it back to her.  "Read your receipt.  No returns," she retorted.  But having a head cold complete with stuffy ears means mis-hearing things. 

Maeve:  "What is a..l...mo..?"
Me:  "Did you say a la mode or Alamo?"

Deirdre:  "We're at h....st..."
Me:  "Did you say holly stand or Hollister?"

Mr. G:  "Can you put the s....... away?"
Me:  "Did you say syrup or sex?"

I should have been able to guess with Mr. G's comment.  We had pancakes for breakfast.


  1. The best thing about colds is that one can be so generous with them. My sister-in-law gave me hers at my niece's wedding and I passed it on to my friend Emily while I visited her. She was amazingly grateful...

  2. Between advancing age, tinnitus and the voices in my head I don't need a head cold to mis-hear things. That said, I do hear some pretty funny things every now and then!

  3. Funny post :D but I still feel badly for all of you. Rotten time for a cold. With luck maybe it'll be gone by the weekend :(
    Now I'm in a rush still and heading back downstairs to cook a dessert for tomorrow's dinner party and then get ready for tonight's.

  4. Ahhh yes, the lovely yuletide cold. I don't want it!