No, Really, Honey, I'm at Karate Class

It was bound to happen. 

A man wants to go to a bar with his friends and stays a little longer than he should.  He knows that if he calls his girlfriend/wife/significant other that she'll be mad at him for going to a bar.  He needs an alibi.  His friends will cover for him.  But if he whips out his cell phone in the middle of the bar, she'll know where he is and still be mad at him.  It's too cold/rainy/crowded to step outside to call. 

What is the poor chap to do?  How can he convince her that he's not at a bar?

Enter the Teletransporter.  Yes, it's a real thing.

It's a soundproof booth from which he can make a most convincing call.  There are different sound scenarios to play while he calls her.  There's only one catch.  The only ones available so far are in Argentina.  That's quite a ways to go for a beer with your friends just to have a cover with the Teletransporter.


  1. That is SO funny! I swear, people will do anything. Don't you wonder what would happen when more than 1 decided to use the booth at the same time?
    Holy moley, the snow just started this very minute. I got up early just to see this, lol, but we're supposed to get 6" worth and that's exciting:D xoxoxo

  2. Oh my word.. what will they think of next!? People can spend time inventing the most useless things..lol

  3. Wonderful, I bet it was invented by a man, a cheating on your wife type man. LOL I watched the clip and wondered what we were going to hear from the I'm in the bathroom with diarrhoea clip, priceless.

  4. That's Loach! Ever logical. ♥