She Comes from Alabama with a Resume on her Knee

For those of you who wished me luck in my job interview, you are the best!  My phone interview with the Chief of Staff went very well.  So well, in fact that in setting up a time for the interview through email exchanges, he remarked that given my previous experience he felt like he was walking into a BMW showroom.

Then came the interview with the Big Boss.  In all my life I have never had an interview with someone in his hotel room.  He invited Mr. Gaelic to come along; so I took him with me. 

We chatted.  I think I passed because while I was sitting there he called the Chief of Staff and told him that if he wanted to hire me to do it.  I think the job is mine.  We just have to make it official.

My professional life officially started while I was in law school in my home state of Alabama.  To help pay for tuition, I worked in the district office of one of the U.S. Senators from Alabama.  He offered me a position in his Washington office and I didn't look back.  Eight months after moving to DC, my hometown congressman wanted to hire me since I was from his district.  In total I was there seven years before moving "downtown" to a lobbying firm where I lobbied for medical education and medical research.

While pregnant with Maeve, our third child, I decided that I really wanted to be a full-time mother with my youngest and be there for all her milestones.  Which is what I've been for all these years now.

But now I'm headed back to work on Capitol Hill for a freshman Member of Congress from my home state.  I'm pretty sure the job is mine. 

All this is a way of letting you know more of who I am.  And also to explain that my blogging days will be numbered.  After January with the new Congress, I will not be posting updates on Facebook or uploading blogs here.  My time will belong to the constituents of the congressman's district, which incidentally is also my mother-in-law's district.

I will try to blog whenever I can.  I love and appreciate each and every one of you. 


  1. Oh please...it's a government job...you'll have plenty of time to blog!

  2. I hope you get the job that you are after and that you will find the job site to be congenial and the work to be fulfilling.

  3. I'm happy for you, but will miss your blogs. I have to be curious about your location in AL. I'm not asking as privacy is very important to all of us. Thanks for visiting me and Kassey.

  4. @Angie, He plans to run a lean, mean office with only three staffers (so far). Plus he's a freshman -- needs to prove himself to the voters in order to come back in 2 years.

    @Rocket Man and Laoch, Thanks!!!

    @Granny, Almost halfway between Birmingham and Chattanooga.

  5. Congratulations!!! Although I hate being happy you won't be around here as much!! Just keep us in mind, and let us know how you all are once in a while. I'm so proud of you! Now I "know someone who knows someone"!! I'll bet you don't know whether to laugh or cry.. So, laugh.. your life is changing, but that may be better.
    love and hugs,

  6. Yeah, congrats. Hope you enjoy it.:) I'll keep my eye open for posts

  7. @Jean, You knew someone who knew someone even before this. I just didn't drop names. Maybe that'll be tomorrow's blog.

    @Duncan, Thank you!

  8. I hope you will still find time for an occasional post!

    Did you finish law school? I love learning new things about you!