On the Fourth Day of Christmas

After a successful trip for haircuts, seeing Mom's new office was a highlight of the day. Unfortunately, it was locked. Why waste a good visit to a House Office Building without paying a visit to the House ID Office.

The man at the desk was so helpful. After checking my driver's license and recording who was taking the forms, he simply gave me the ID forms to be completed for the Congressman, his wife and adult children, and the office staff. He was friendly and talked to Deirdre about college selection. And who says government workers aren't helpful? In fact, everyone we encountered on the Hill today was exceedingly helpful and friendly.

So the next time that you hear someone degrade civil servants, the government, or the folks on Capitol Hill, just tell them that you know someone who works there who just happens to be the nicest person. And politely ask them to take it back, for my sake.


  1. You bet I will. I'll fairly YELL out, "HEY, don't you know Gaelic?"
    Wow, only a few days to go before you start the new job, and only a few days before you have to get up at the crack of dawn, share the bathrooms and hair stuff, and still take care of everyone else. Sure is fun being a woman, isn't it?

  2. When do they install the chip inside your head?

  3. I'm going to miss these posts. Hopefully, you will take a minute or two out of your busy schedule to keep us informed!