Oops, I Did It Again

Remember yesterday?  How I left the gym without underwear?  Well, so, today at least I remembered my underwear.

Today's morning workout was much easier and quicker than yesterday's.  Only a 45 minute abs-and-stretch class.  Followed again by a quick shower.

Today's shower was planned.  My bag was packed with underwear (!), street clothes, warm socks, and the most basic of makeup needs -- mascara and lip gloss.  But no shoes.  I was forced to wear my tennis shoes (sneakers, trainers, whatever you know them as).

It felt so weird.  The only times you'll ever see me in tennies are at the gym or doing yardwork while wearing an old pair.  Wearing jeans to a movie?  Nope.  Sightseeing?  Uh-uh.  Riding a motorcycle?  Never.

One of these days I'm going to walk out of the gym freshly showered and dressed completely.  Down to the underwear and shoes.


  1. I guess I do not understand. What other kind of shoes would you wear to the gym other than sneakers?

  2. I'd suggest you go the other direction. Wlak out as nature intended. Then the worst will have happened and you can get on with it...

  3. LOL, David just cracked me up! Geez, what a perfect answer. But you know, even if you walked out in the altogether, you really must have the perfect shoes. 4" heels? Nah, that would give the wrong impression under the circumstance. You'd have to go with sneakers, regardless, because you'd have to "sneak" out and hope you weren't seen...yeah, that's the ticket.

  4. I LOVED JennyD's answer. Anything I had to say, (past tense)..melted away under my laughter. 4 inch heels indeed with that Birthday Suit!

  5. Blessings....

    Why not, if you have a locker at the gym, leave some underwear and an extra pair of shoes that way in the event of a forgetfulness spell you will have it covered.

    Take care and thanks for sharing.

  6. @Laoch, I wear tennies at the gym but regular shoes (not athletic) the rest of the time. Except from when I'm swimming laps. The sneakers would weigh me down too much.

    @David, I'll be sure to post a picture if and when. LOL

    @Jenny and Ms. Rambling, As long as the 4" heels are bright red. Preferably in patent leather.

    @Rhapsody, Unfortunately the lockers are day-use only. I can't keep anything there.

  7. I'd love to be able to dress "properly" nearly every day. Just not in the budget so jeans it is.