Menu Plan: December 20 - December 26

This will be a busy week in the Gaelic household.  Finola returns from college late Tuesday night.  There is a party at a neighbor's house on Christmas Eve afternoon from 3:00 to 5:00 for kids and adults.  Deirdre and Maeve are acolyting at the 11:00 p.m. Christmas Eve service.  That means that Saturday is Christmas.

For as long as I can remember Christmas Eve supper was always spaghetti.  Probably because my mama didn't want to have to spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen if she was going to be cooking a big meal the next day.  That tradition is being instilled in my children.  There were exceptions to the spaghetti rule.  For a while we would alternate hosting Christmas Eve supper with friends.  Our years to host, I would give a nod to the wife's Italian heritage and make a pasta with seven types of seafood.  Still the pasta from my childhood, but the more traditional Italian Christmas Eve flavor.  On our off years, my donation would be a homemade panettone.

Here are this week's menus:
  • Monday
    • Breakfast: grapefruit, toast
    • Supper: butternut squash soup (leftover from last week), fresh baked bread
  • Tuesday
    • Breakfast: cereal
    • Supper: chili with assorted toppings, rice
  • Wednesday
    • Breakfast: bagels, creme cheese
    • Supper: potluck (to clean out the fridge)
  • Thursday
    • Breakfast: oatmeal
    • Supper: potluck (to finish cleaning out fridge) or delivered pizza
  • Friday
    • Breakfast: cinnamon toast
    • Supper: spaghetti
  • Saturday
    • Breakfast: waffles, sausage links
    • Dinner: standing rib roast, red wine sauce, horseradish sauce, Yorkshire pudding, mashed root vegetables, Brussels sprouts, congealed salad, steamed pudding with hard sauce
  • Sunday
    • Breakfast: cream of wheat
    • Supper: shepherd's pie (use leftover root vegetables as topping)
 Christmas dinner may sound like a lot of work.  It's the same menu from year to year.  After 20 years of cooking holiday meals by myself, by this time I can do it in my sleep.  Sort of like every other holiday with their own constant but individual menus.


  1. Where is the all important lunch component of our menu?

  2. Sounds delish to me. I'll be there from Friday through Sunday :D

  3. @Laoch, I don't include it because the kids and Mr. G eat at school/work. It might be too boring to list my lunches.

    @Jenny, Your bedroom is made and ready.

  4. OMG. Rice with chili? Sacrilege!!! But that's better than macaroni, I guess.

    I'm makin' chili today. I got in the mood for it when the temps dropped. However, we're in another dadgum warming trend starting today. Fart! It's gonna be 75 frickin' degrees by Tuesday. *sigh* I'll be havin' cheese and tortilla chips with my chili. I'm healthying it up by using lean meat, lowfat cheese, and baked chips.

  5. Would love the recipe for the panettone...

  6. @Angie, It makes the chili go further. But then, your recipe for chili is probably light years ahead of mine and a little bit of yours would satisfy even my growing boy of a husband.

    @Gail, I'm not making it this year. Let me dig it out and I'll email it to you. If you don't get it in a few days, remind me.