Ode on a Sensuous Leg

Oh, to have my legs caressed with a special softness! To feel them wrapped snugly in a warmth that envelopes them entirely. All at once. From my lacquered red toes to the top of my ballet-toned thighs. Front and back and all around. A kind of softness that makes people want to rub their hands all over my legs.

I’ve only felt such a luxurious touch once in my life. And that feeling was so fleeting but also was so memorable that it etched itself forever on my soul.

Now my greed, envy, and lust want it again. My legs desire nothing more. Just to be swathed during the winter in nothing less than cashmere stockings.

But I’m not picky. If you can’t find cashmere stockings, I’ll take cashmere tights or hold-ups as well.


  1. LOL, cracked me up! Not picky? Oh sure. How 'bout good old cotton and wool knitted leg warmers? HA, are you gaggin' yet? I could send you some of those with Christmas tree embroidery all the way up the sides and little bells hanging off the tops. Oh the fashion look of it all! You'd be, pardon the pun, the belle of the ball. Fashionista supreme! ...or maybe just locked up in some room so the public would feel safe, lol.
    Seriously, though, I have never felt or even heard of cashmere stockings. Sweaters, coats, hats, yes, but stockings, no. But I'll bet they DO feel better than great :D

  2. That's kinda how I feel when I get into a bed with clean sheets with freshly shaved (shaven?) legs. Mmmm.

    FYI - Soccer socks are fabulous! They come up over the knees and keep you toasty. They ain't cashmere but they're cozy. And cheap.