Menu Plan: December 13 - December 19

Almost 200 pounds!  That's how much meat was stuffed into the freezer this past week.  In the long saga of the meat co-op, the last possible pick-up time until next spring was last Wednesday.  My order included a quarter of a cow and a half of a hog.

In reorganizing the freezer, there was a treasure trove of some of the richest homemade stocks you've ever laid eyes on.  They lay forgotten underneath more recent additions of puppy pops (doggie ice cream), frozen yogurt, and Phish FoodPart of the reorganization included making a detailed list of everything in the freezer and the numbers of same items. 

With the discovery of liquid gold, this week will see more soups on the menu.  Even though stock freezes well, it should not sit at the bottom of the freezer never to see the bottom of a soup pot.  And with that, I give you this week's menus.
  • Monday
    • Breakfast:  bagels, cream cheese
    • Supper:  peanut soup, millet bread
  • Tuesday
    • Breakfast:  cereal
    • Supper:  pinto beans, corn pudding, fried okra, cornbread
  • Wednesday
    • Breakfast:  cereal (again since Mr. Gaelic is catching an early flight to Chicago for business)
    • Supper:  butternut squash soup with bleu cheese, fresh baked bread
  • Thursday
    • Breakfast:  cream of wheat
    • Supper:  potluck
  • Friday
    • Breakfast:  grapefruit, toast
    • Supper:  date night (both girls are babysitting)
  • Saturday
    • Breakfast:  bacon, eggs, grits, toast
    • Supper:  pizza for girls, Winter Solstice Party with Boat Burning for Mr. G and I (yes, a real Viking tradition)
  • Sunday
    • Breakfast:  pancakes, sausage links
    • Dinner:  pork chops, mashed potatoes, green beans
Our friends, who are Jewish, are having their annual Winter Solstice Party where they burn a boat, just like the husband's ancestors.  Jewish Vikings???  No.  He converted to Judaism for his wife.


  1. I love the idea of a winter solstice party.

    Also that reminds me I should make some stock!

  2. I have issue with Tuesday supper. Why have corn pudding and cornbread in the same meal? I'd just put my corn in my cornbread, along with some cheese and jalapenos, and call it done. And it's delish with pinto beans.

    That boat-burning sounds festive. I thought they just did that for Viking funerals. But then, I'm not a Viking so what would I know?

    You fascinate me.

  3. Lol, Jewish Vikings, hahahaha. Tore me up.
    As for the 200 lbs in the freezer -- have you glanced over here lately? Have you? Between your menus and Beth's holiday recipes, I've taken that 200 lbs all for myself on my flappin' belly and hips. Just wait till next year, I'll getcha back, lol. XOXOXO

  4. @Laoch, Did I inspire you?

    @Angie, Great point! I'll save the corn pudding for another week.

    @Jenny, No way!!! You always look fabulous!

  5. Crikey, How many are you feeding Wifie, the feast of the five thousand? Can you spare just a teensy weensy 8 oz for a starving Scottish lass? I'm not sure of the ingredients, but it does sound deeelishus.

  6. @Arlene, It has to last until the end of March when the deliveries begin again. Hop on the next BA flight! You're more than welcome!

  7. Well Wifie, that is one tempting offer, if that lottery win ever materializes I think I'd be paying visits to several blog friends, oh how I wish.